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Your website is often the 1st impression of your company with 75% of customers making a judgement about a company’s credibility based on website design, it is a vital tool for attracting & engaging with your potential customers.

Included with every custom website is hosting on our clean & optimized servers to enable lightning-fast website performance, the highest level of security & 24/7 customer service.

Website Design & Hosting Service
SEO Campaigns

In today’s market where 93% of customers begin their research with a search to find a business or service, Search Engine Optimization is a critical tool that ensures your company shows up at the top of search engine results so customers are finding you organically.

Our comprehensive campaigns focus on the continual optimization of your on-site structure, strategic keyword content integration & establishing strong off-site backlinks to increase your SERP.

People buy from people.  In this loud, digital world, you must create a human connection to stand out & grow your business.

Customers want to know, like & trust you – once they do, they will buy from you & become loyal super fans.  And to do this, you need a compelling, authentic story to tell & a means to effectively ensure your voice is heard by your target niche.

To build this deep engagement our team of marketing gurus will create your story, weave it into your website & spread your amazing story via our social media management campaigns. 

Digital Marketing Service


I so endorse Vive Digital (formerly Bellevue Digital) - the amount of Fortune 500 company experience they have makes every dollar work like five!

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Berny Dohrmann, Founder

CEO Space International

Being in a business that's about remodeling, we understand the importance of appearance - it can either attract customers or send them away.  Our new website showcased who we are & what we do & helped convert visitors into customers."  Website Redesign & SEO Client

Bonnie Carlin, Director

Royal Palm Closet Design

Our website is beautiful - our clients have good things to say about it & we are extremely happy & proud to offer our services through a website that reflects who we are.  We were late to the SEO game, but now convert leads into clients with ease."  Website Redesign & SEO Client

Ibrahim Costa, CEO

Golden Class Limo

Ever since we signed up for an SEO Campaign & redesigned our website, our executive suites have been fully booked & reservations have been growing steadily.  It has reached the point where the majority of our customers come from our online presence & we have cut out all direct mail &  radio from our marketing."  Website Redesign & SEO Client

Kristina J, Manager

Twelve Twenty Two Offices