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It’s time to maximize your website to dramatically increase the odds of Google deeming your content worthy of ranking near or at the top.  And now that you’ve completed the work of defining your ideal keywords from Step #1 (if you didn’t catch that, check it out here), let’s get them working for you on your website.

Be sure to focus your energy on creating meaningful content that is of massive value to your potential clients – and from this place, naturally sprinkle in your keywords in an informative way.  

This will ensure you remain in the good graces of Google and keep your bounce rate low – which are both key to bring your business up in searches with clients by improving your rankings.

Simply follow the following guide and you will be gold! ✨

Page Titles are Vitally Important!

For example, if you are a private chef and create a post focused on cooking eggs with a sous vide cooker, it is vitally important that your page title includes cooking sous vide eggs in your title, something like “Best Recipes For Cooking Sous Vide Eggs” this ensures that when someone searches for sous vide egg recipes that your website has a stronger chance of showing up in the search.


Add Keywords To Your Meta Description.  

The Meta Description is a couple sentences describing your page or post and is what Google shows with the search results so is a key element for strong on-page SEO.  

When writing your description, be sure to focus on creating an accurate description of your post or page that includes focused keywords, is written in a way that will get people excited to check out your post and includes a call-to-action.  

Don’t worry too much about the length of the description as the requirements can and do change.

Sticking with the sous vide egg example, a strong meta description would be “Impress the pickiest eaters in your life with this amazingly delicious and simple sous vide egg recipe.  Check it out now and see how easy it is!

Of note, make sure your content is actually about what you say it is in the meta description as the search engines will quickly figure out if it is or not and if not – heads up – that this is the quickest way to get kicked off Google.

Keyword Header Tags Rock. 🤟 

Search engines use your header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc) to determine if your content is worth returning in a search.  So when writing your post be sure to break the content into smaller sections to make it easier to read and ensure your H1 tag includes your keyword focus vs. being generic.

Other on-page that impact your search results:        

  1. Website Speed – Hosting your site on a clean, dedicated server is key to having lightening fast speed.  Also, use proven website software to build your site (WordPress and Squarespace are both fantastic) and be strategic with how many plugins you install as each one will slow your site down a little.

  2. Value Rich Content – As discussed above, quality content is key. You can increase your search returns through high-quality, informational blog posts that directly relate to your product or service (i.e “how to cook with a sous vide” if you are a private chef).

  3. Social Proof – People trust other people.  Ask for your customers to post reviews and share their experience with you.  While these are not officially a ranking factor, they are a powerful way to increase sales and indirectly improve your SEO rankings.   

  4. Make Sure to Include Your NAP (For local businesses) Name, Address, Phone Number. Add your business name, business address and phone number to every page of your site (placed in the header or footer is where most customers will look to find it). This is very important, as we will see in Step #4.

That does it for this week, it may seem like a lot but if you just chunk it out into manageable bites & set aside an hour a day to focus on it you will be done in no time. You’ve Got This!!! 🙌

And if you are curious what all the sous vide hubbub is about head over here for a snapshot of our adventures with this crazy cool contraption & the best filet mignon recipe ever!!