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And the final step in this series is the icing on the cake – all about growing your website’s credibility through off-page SEO (links from other authoritative websites).

Say you own a restaurant in Seattle. A highly respected magazine such as Food & Wine writes an article on the “Top 5 New Chefs in the U.S.” & your restaurant made the cut (congrats if this is you, I want to try your restaurant!)

Obviously this is great news & get ready for long lines out your door but your website will also see a significant boost in organic search rankings.


Because the article will include a link back to your website, Google will find & catalog the link with the note that it was from a highly respected publication – which acts as a “vote of confidence” ✅in your website.

So how do you grow your off-page SEO?   

  • Press releases: You don’t have to be a PR Guru to do this.  Simply craft a newsworthy, informative article about your business & submit it via a free service like PRLOG, Free Press Release & Hype News is also great. These tools make it easy for your local news outlets to pick up your press release & publish it — complete with links back to your site for the credibility Google is looking for to improve your rankings.

  • Youtube: It may sound intimidating, but just do it!  Publish videos on YouTube or on Instagram TV (IGTV) about your area of brilliance & be sure to include links back to your website.

  • Social Properties: Include links on all of your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) back to your website.

  • Engage in Content: Find blogs & forums that are relevant to your industry & join the conversation. Leave thoughtful, legitimate comments & your experience.  Spend time with these conversations, get to know the community & if it makes sense, invite them to check out your site. As you are in similar industries, you can share tips & advice with each other.  

And there we have it – you did it!!!  

If you have completed all 7 steps, you are well on your way to more customers through better search engine rankings!

With each step, you have done the work to improve both the organic & local ranking of your business. To keep this search ranking goodness flowing, book time on your calendar every week to read your customer reviews & respond to each, conduct a quarterly review of keywords as they are always changing, ensure you are providing content that provides amazing value to your audience & have fun.

Time to celebrate your amazing work – pour yourself your favorite beverage 🥂, kick your feet up & do something you love.  Be sure to let me know how you are doing, I am so thrilled to watch your business grow & thrive.