How to Get More Customers Using Social Media

Social media is continuing to become a great tool that businesses can use to attract new customers and keep the old customers engaged. One of the reasons why social media is so effective is that it is the first place most people go to for product information and reviews. However, you still need the best techniques to attract the attention of those customers since many other businesses are fighting for their attention as well.

Create a business page

Never use your social media account for the business. It confuses your customers and portrays you as unprofessional. Create a separate business page with your logo and business name.

Choose the right platform

Social media platforms have different resources that you can utilize to attract your targeted customers. For instance, Instagram is great for sharing pictures of your products, whereas Facebook is great for sharing stories and advertising. You can use twitter for visibility. Use all the platforms to maximize your chances of becoming more visible, but make sure you use quality content, including pictures and short videos.

Listen and engage with the customers

Customers want to feel valued, and you can do that by listening to their needs and engaging with them. Monitor the types of keywords they use by checking the kind of “hashtags” they’re sharing or creating. Respond to their questions, and give them solutions to some of their problems, but don’t criticize your competitors. Never expect the customers to reach out to you first.

Use promotions

Social media users like being part of contests, especially when there is a prize attached. Creating a promotional contest will thereby increase the shares you get and make you more visible.

Be quick to respond

Customers always like those who are quick to respond to their needs and questions. Maintain a strong online presence and take every opportunity to be among the first to respond to customer’s questions and concerns. Remember to maintain positivity in all your engagements and avoid attacking your competition.


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