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With those foundational elements to increase your “organic search” in place, you are now set to begin ranking higher.  

Be patient as results won’t change immediately, continue providing strong value-added content to the world & the results will follow very soon.

Now let’s get really specific on being found by more local customers.   

When someone searches for anything “near me” such as “best new restaurants near me”, Google will first present local search results before all other results.

So even if your website is #1 in organic search results, Google Maps will list out the top 3 local sites before yours.  

So what to do?

You need a listing in Google Maps & to get to the top of that ranking to show up in the top 3, your site will rank if you have the following 3 elements dialed in:

  1. Relevance – How well does your business match what the user is searching for?

  2. Distance – How far away is your business from where the user searched?

  3. Prominence – How well-known is your business? This one is critical because it links to how well your site ranks in “organic search” — all the work you completed in Steps #1 – #3. It is also connected to the next 2 tips about engagement with your site & a great reputation.

If your website has been live for a while, chances are high that a client has already listed you with Google Maps.

But if you are just getting started, you will need to create a listing by using Google My Business.

This is a fantastic tool as it delivers 2 opportunities to increase traffic to your business – you will begin ranking in both local search as well as regular search.

To establish your business with Google My Business, simply follow the steps here to begin set up & verify your address a PIN will be sent to your physical address w/in about 5 days.

And while you wait for that to arrive, set up your business page with the following information.   

  • Your business name (exact same as the “NAP” details on your website)

  • Hours of operation

  • Photos of your business

  • Virtual video tour of your premises

  • Your address (same as NAP)

  • Your location on Google Maps

  • Your services

  • Your phone number (same as NAP)

  • Your website address

Once you receive the postcard via snail mail, simply return to the site to enter the pin & you are all set & will start seeing your business pop up more frequently in both local & standard searches.  

You are doing so well, keep going!  Have a lovely day & please comment below if I can help further!