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A Clear Path to Growth - The Marketing Roadmap

Every successful brand needs a strategic roadmap to act as the foundational guide for your products, messaging, marketing & target audience communications.  

A strong roadmap is the key to a consistent brand voice, well-articulated brand values & successful targeted messaging that quickly resonates with your customers & motivates them to engage with your brand & select you over the competition.

A holistic marketing strategy includes your companies vision, mission, goals, values, target audience, brand promise, elevator pitch, strategies & key tactics.  

The result is a concise yet comprehensive guide that ensures everyone is singing from the same sheet of music.

The most important tool in your marketing toolbox, a well-articulated roadmap will prove to be your north star in  making smart decisions quickly on both your short & long term goals including where to spend your valuable marketing dollars to drive growth & deliver maximum ROI.



Our team of savvy marketers have built inspired marketing roadmaps for beloved Fortune 100 companies for over 25 years.  

Never fans of corporate-speak or a cookie cutter approach, we create fully-customized marketing maps built on your goals to ensure the language is authentically you & resonates with the audience who most need the awesomeness you are providing!  

We break our process into 3 key phases with clear outputs & timelines for each:

Phase 1: Deep Dive

We begin with a half day working session with you to go deep into your vision, mission & goals for your company. 

During this time, we uncover the rich details that create your Unique Value Proposition & why customers must choose your offering.

Timing:  1/2 Day

Phase 2:  Story Build

Out of our deep dive interviews with you & the team, we begin the story build that is anchored around your brand values & overarching short & long-term.  

The output is a 10+ page foundational brand story including all elements of your roadmap.

Timing:  1-2 Weeks

Phase 3:  Refinement

Review.  Revise.  Reveal.

The end product is a comprehensive brand review that concludes with a single page, tightly-articulated brand roadmap to guide all communications, marketing touchpoints & customer engagements.

Timing:  1 Week 

Your Marketing Roadmap Delivered

What’s Included?

Putting It Into Action

Need help executing your strategies & tactics?

Vive has got you covered!

We have successfully implemented some of the most complex marketing strategies for our clients from from bringing Bottled Frappuccino to Latin America, launching the only private-label cell service for Target & opening the Starbucks brand in India, the team at Vive are experts in product launches, pitch deck builds to the holistic application of your new brand voice to all of your marketing touchpoints.

Let's Vive!