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Interested in learning more about digital marketing?  Check out these fantastic books from the digital gurus who have informed our work here at Vive Digital.  Enjoy!

The Art Of Digital Marketing: The definitive guide to creating strategic, targeted, and measurable online campaigns by Ian Dodson

Overview: Dodson has created a comprehensive guide to cracking the digital marketing ‘code’ & reaching, engaging & serving the empowered consumer. This book presents an innovative methodology for successful digital marketing: start with the customer & work backwards. A campaign is only effective as it is reflective of the consumer’s wants, needs, preferences & inclinations; the framework provides structured, implementable, iterative direction for getting it right every time. The heart of the framework is a three-step process called the 3i Principles: Initiate, Iterate & Integrate. This simple idea translates into higher engagement, real customer interaction, and multichannel campaigns that extend even into traditional marketing channels.

Digital Marketing Strategy, An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing by Simon Kingsnorth

Overview: Kingsnorth is a digital guru. In this best selling follow up to his first book, he provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to select the appropriate digital channels to meet your specific needs & importantly how to manage & track the performance of your selected digital tools. Every digital platform is covered from SEO, content marketing, social media to building massive customer loyalty, automating for efficiency, AI, data protection & privacy strategies. Included in the book are downloadable templates & additional online resources to make this the ideal roadmap for small businesses looking to sort through digital marketing in a streamlined way.

Email Marketing Demystified, Build a Massive Mailing List, Write Copy that Converts and Generate More Sales by Matthew Paulson

“Matthew has what amounts to a PhD in Applied Digital Marketing. Email Marketing Demystified breaks down the exact strategies and tactics you can use to grow and (more importantly) leverage your email list into a long-term asset.” — Deacon Bradley

This one is a must read for any small business owner who is overwhelmed by where to start when it comes to reaching their niche market via email. While many have abandoned email marketing, savvy digital marketers continue to use email marketing with great success. In this brilliant read, Paulson reveals 15 proven methods to build massive mailing lists, teaches one how to write compelling copy to both engage readers & drives conversions. He discusses how to create a base of superfans who actively seek you out & also simple ways to build additional revenue streams for your business (of note, Paulson is making over $6M annually using the methods outlined).

The Growth Marketers Playbook, A Strategic Guide to Growing a Business in Today’s Digital World by Jim Huffman

“Jim’s approach to growing businesses makes executing your own marketing plan a straightforward process that anyone can do.” – Tommy Griffith, CEO of Clickminded

Huffman shares the exact playbook of growth marketing processes he has used to advise Sephora, OREO, Hot Wheels & FedEx to grow their businesses online. This book is easy to follow & you will find it to be the complete how-to guide for digital marketing including how to avoid the mistakes that 90% of small businesses make. He reviews 25 case studies & shares his proven processes to help you navigate the digital waters & grow your business.

Practical Guide for Digital Marketing, Seven steps to engage your customers, get new ones, increase your sales, and build a winning digital marketing strategy by Claudio Torres

Torres has created a straightforward guide with 7 practical steps that are easy-to-execute that will help you engage with your customers, attract new ones & increase sales. Social media, blogging, apps & every other element that makes up the online marketplace has forever changed how consumers engage with products. This guide helps to put order to what many find to be an overwhelming digital world while teaching you how to grow your business by maximizing your competitive advantages without wasting money or time.

Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital by Philip Kotler

Marketing has changed forever, the rules have changed & the customers have changed. This is a much-needed handbook for the next-generation marketing, helping you navigate the increasingly connected world & changing consumer landscape to reach more customers, more effectively. Marketing 4.0 provides a solid framework based on a real-world vision of the consumer as they are today, and as they will be tomorrow giving you the edge needed to reach them.

Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie

“A creative and open hearted business model for our times.” —The Wall Street Journal

In this great read, Mycoskie presents the 6 simple keys for transforming your own life & business into something that inspires you & your customers every single day. Rich with stories, ideas & tips that will help you see you don’t have to be rich to give back & you don’t have to retire to spend every day doing what you love. You can find profit, passion, and meaning all at once—right now.

This Is Marketing, You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See by Seth Godin

While not specific to digital marketing, this book is the ultimate foundation for any entrepreneur. Godin is known for inspiring millions through his TED Talks, his marketing blog, online courses & best selling books. This book brings readers the core of his marketing wisdom in one compact, accessible, timeless package. No matter what business you are in, This is Marketing will show you how to meaningfully connect with your super fans in a meaningful way.

Contagious by Jonah Berger

“Jonah Berger knows more about what makes information ‘go viral’ than anyone in the world.”  – Daniel Gilbert, author of the bestseller Stumbling on Happiness

In Contagious, Berger reveals the secret science behind how things go viral. He shares the 6 basic principles that drive all sorts of things to become contagious, from consumer products & policy initiatives to workplace rumors & YouTube videos. This book provides a set of specific, actionable techniques for helping information spread—for designing messages, advertisements & content that people will share.

Crushing It! How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business And Influence And How You Can Too by Gary Vaynerchuk

If your not a Gary V fan yet, get ready – this lively & inspiring book will give you all the tools you need to amplify your brand in a meaningful way! Vaynerchuk offers inspiration from influencers & entrepreneurs who rejected the corporate path to pursue their dreams & build thriving businesses. He details out the secrets to their financial success & goes deep into every current social media platform & how to make each of these work to their utmost potential to grow your voice, brand & dramatically increase sales.