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Ways to connect with your customers on social media

A successful social media campaign doesn’t happen by accident, and even though it may seem simple to come up with, what you don’t see is the hours of work put in behind the scenes.

There is a lot of planning and hard work that goes into creating a successful and smart social media campaign that connects with customers.

If you’re looking to create such a campaign on social media, we’ll cut right to the chase and show you how it’s done

Start with a Clear Goal in Mind

You need to start planning way before you launch a social media campaign, and the critical factor in that is deciding on your primary and secondary goals. These will be used for listing out how you’re going to measure the success of your campaign. Common goals for social media campaigns include increasing brand or product awareness, lead generation or direct sales.

Understand the Promotional Rules of the Platform

You can’t violate the promotional and marketing rules of the social media platform on which your campaign is running. For instance, Facebook has strict rules about where you can run your promotion on your timeline and how you can select and contact a winner. If you violate any of these rules, your campaign will be terminated on the platform.  Get smart about every platform that you are engaging to ensure maximum exposure.

Select the Right Apps

There are all kinds of different apps available that allow you to run professional social media campaigns. You need to choose the right apps for running your social media campaigns because you want to target the right audience through these apps.  

Get Influencers to Increase Your Reach

Influencers are trusted, authoritative voices on any subject and social media influencers are people who have built up a large and loyal social following. You can contact influencers that are specific to your industry before launching a social media campaign, who can help you spread the word out.

These influencers are going to charge for promotion, but you’ll be reaching thousands of more customers who were unaware of your brand before your campaign.

Use Other Tactics to Support Your Campaign

Most small businesses tend to have no problem establishing strong connections with their followers on social media. However, if your social media campaign is targeting new audience members, you may want to use other tactics to support your campaign. These can include tactics such as cross-promotional with other synergistic businesses, email campaigns, LinkedIn, Google and Facebook ads.

Don’t Forget About Social SEO

Every social media platform has its own search function through which users manage to find topics of interest to them. Don’t forget about this when launching your campaign. Come up with a list of keywords you want to rank for socially and then use them in your campaign posts.