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"Heather & her team at Vive Digital provided 1st Class service/expertise/analytics & delivered a web site that went above & beyond my expectations. Check it out -

It doesn't stop there. Vive is supporting our site with their Premium Maintenance Package along with offering SEO campaigns to drive traffic to our site.

They've got us covered! Thank you Vive Team!"
"I would highly recommend Heather and Vive Digital to any business looking to focus, transform and scale - especially during these turbulent times. While I was initially recommended to Heather through a mutual, friend and I was impressed with her marketing leadership background in Seattle based mutually known companies including Microsoft, Starbucks and T-Mobile, her results while working together are why the strong recommendation. Heather and team don't use buzzwords, they're not trying to be "influencers" or reach the entire globe.

What I have appreciated is their ability to help me suss out strategies to brand value to campaigns to analytics - with creativity and a modern target marketing approach. Having been fortunate myself to work for some of the tech world's leading brands, and have some of the best minds in the business in my own team - I can so appreciate not just the What with Vive; but the How. The professional relationship feels like a partnership and that we're figuratively roped together towards our own mountain; and the next one." 
"I wanted to let you know how impressed and thankful we are for you and your team. At every interaction you guys have proven to be best at what you do.

From your professionalism, to honesty, to integrity, all the way through to the technical aspects of what you guys do. The SDES family is impressed and we ALL will happily sing your praises.

Thank you for taking our project on! We LOVE working with you!"  
"As I’m looking back over the past year at all you’ve done, I’m amazed!

You picked up on the supply chain lingo in record time, followed through with stellar performance on everything I’ve asked of you plus the things I didn’t ask, and have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

We’ve come from having no marketing to a state-of-the art foundation and execution in 1 short year!"
"I knew that using Vive Digital was going to be different from the very beginning. Heather took the time to interview me but not only asked questions about the goals of the business but also about us as business owners and how we decided to get in business with our product. She was able to take our mission, values and purpose and bring it all together in her social media advertising across Facebook, Twitter and our Blogs. The team was able to essentially take our voice to another level and for someone who is social media challenged it was a God send.

Heather's skills, vision and team are second to none and have been able to take our advertising goals to the highest of levels. Her 110% devotion to her clients and wanting to help them succeed is rare and we are thrilled to have her expertise as part of our team.

One of the best decisions we ever made was to involve Heather and Vive Digital in our Social Media Advertising and Platform!"
Eleni Hapsis, Founder