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Website Design Trends for 2020

Web design trends are continually evolving as web designers reinvent previous styles, experiment with extremes, or try out new techniques. Some popular web designs have persisted over the years. In 2020, there are endless technical possibilities in web design. According to Vive Digital, some of the evident web design trends for 2020 include:

Combining Photography with Graphics 

To help communicate a customized message, web designers are combining real photographs with graphics and illustrations. Web designers are using photos of products and people to make websites unique and to enhance branding. Designers create memorable visuals by overlapping graphics on top of real photographs. 

Use of Immersive 3D Elements 

In 2020, there is increased use of 3D images in interaction and graphic design. For a long time, 3D models have been fascinating to many people. The 3D trend had not taken shape due to its high price tag and technological limitations. However, the current technological advancements have allowed more designers to embrace 3D technology.

Using Imperfections to Add Personality to Websites 

Web designers are injecting humanity and emotions into different websites using imperfect images, mainly hand-drawn illustrations. Hand drawn items capture the audience’s attention more than the generic computer-generated images. This trend enables web designers to make more appealing websites by adding effects that brighten up a site.

A Shift towards Dark Mode

With a dark website background, it is easy to make unique web design elements stand out. Currently, many websites are allowing users to enable dark mode. A dark background also contrasts perfectly with other colors in a website. The dark mode theme is also ideal because it does not strain the eyes. The benefits of a dark mode go beyond the visuals – it helps save power and enhances a screen’s lifespan.

Floating Elements and Soft Shadows

To come up with a more layered and fascinating web design, designers are embracing floating elements and floating shadows. This trend has allowed web designers to shift away from conventional flat web design that has no visual appeal. There is no better way to add depth and interest to a website than through floating elements and soft shadows.

Website trends for 2020 are mainly focusing on images because images get the most attention from web visitors.